Software development and IT Services

In an ever-changing world, staying ahead of the competition is now harder than ever before. Optimisation of business processes and performance is a continuous necessity if we are to improve customer engagement, realise increased efficiency and ultimately generate increased turnover and profit.
To achieve this, organisations must implement software and hardware solutions that are specifically designed and developed to their unique business processes. We offer leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, taking a consultative approach to understanding your needs in order to support you in choosing the most suitable development approach.
Whether you are looking for software development solutions to increase the capacity of your existing team or want to outsource a project to a specialised partner, Mzilakatha has a model which can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Consulting Overview

At Mzilakatha, we provide targeted consulting to design and plan your engagement. We begin by gaining a full understanding of your business and your specific goals, before defining a solution based on those outputs and planning for execution.

We recognise the need to adapt our approach to every project, providing the right amount and the right type of analysis in order to move your initiative forward. We are skilled at capturing complex requirements and translating them into comprehensive specifications for large enterprises. We also offer more agile approaches to accelerate development, delivering a rapid return on investment for your business.

Requirements Analysis

Taking a set of requirements and translating them into a robust plan for successful technological resolution of the challenges faced by business takes effort and skill. Understanding and agreeing business requirements, determining how different stakeholders will be impacted by the new system and what interdependencies there may be with other services are just some of the complex issues to solve in a challenging, fast-moving business environment.

Based within our head office in Johannesburg, our expert teams have many years of experience taking large organisations through this complex journey. Each engagement consists of three specific areas of expertise, the Business Analyst who leads the overall engagement, Systems Architect who translates the requirements into a technology solution and a member of our Quality Assurance team to validate the overall output ensuring it is fit for purpose. This engagement is the first stage in Project Based IT Outsourcing with Mzilakatha.

Systems Analysis

A common scenario that our clients share with us is the challenge of marrying outputs from business analysis with the systems that are already in place and ultimately providing a solution. This is particularly common in instances where the Business Analyst has limited technical expertise or lacks someone within the team that can support them from a technical perspective. Mzilakatha has extensive experience partnering with organisations facing these challenges, working with Business Analysts and other stakeholders within your business to provide Systems Analysis and support a plan for executing the right technical solution.

Operational Analysis

In order to successfully introduce an Extended Development Team and increase the capacity and expertise of your own onsite team, there are several issues to consider and questions that need to be answered. What development methodology is currently in use? What coding standards need to be adhered to? What systems will be used to manage the process? Where are the bottlenecks in the process? How can we increase velocity?

With many years’ experience successfully partnering with a variety of business organisations, we understand how to make that relationship work. Our Operational Analysis Service brings together all these questions, experiences and lessons learnt into a structured engagement that provides the blueprint for partnering with an external expert.

If you would like to engage with Mzilakatha to capture your business requirements and translate them to comprehensive specifications, please contact us.

Extended Software Development Team Overview

Whether your business already has an internal software development team and is looking to increase capacity, or you are looking to build new capability, Mzilakatha’s Extended Software Development Team model will provide a market-leading solution to meet your needs.

The case for adopting Mzilakatha’s Extended Software Development Team is clear. As an extremely competitive marketplace with high levels of staff turnover, the software development industry sees a continual battle for top-level talent. The resulting lack of skilled talent is contributing to inflated recruitment and salary costs in both the direct employment and contractor market.

Beyond these increasing costs associated with software development, there are many other challenges businesses are facing. A common theme is the need for greater flexibility and agility in the workforce, allowing capability and capacity to be adjusted in line with demand. Historically, the most common option elected by business organisations is to adopt contractors to fill the gap. However, this model comes with challenges of its own. Contractors are not only an expensive option, but also pose a potential risk to the business as there is little provision or motivation for retention of business and technical domain knowledge; a valuable asset that is built up over time.

Mzilakatha’s Extended Software Development Team model addresses these core challenges, whilst delivering many other benefits. We can provide a team of highly skilled staff who operate under your guidance to deliver on the requirements of your business. We commit to integrating into your operating model and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your organisation, with the goal of working as a single team.

If you want to build your capability whilst minimizing overhead costs, increasing flexibility for your business with highly trained staff who will build upon and retain valuable domain knowledge, then Mzilakatha’s Extended Software Development Team is the right option for you.

Monitoring and Evaluation IT Projects for Government, Schools and other sectors

Mzilakatha provides Information Technology Solutions for monitoring, evaluation, and research services to public and private sector partners in Africa with sector specialization in education, health and social development.

Our Development Team helps with evaluations to provide clients with useful information for future planning and implementation. Where possible, we conduct participatory evaluations or use the client’s own staff in data design and data collection, which has the proven advantage of building capacity for data collection, analysis, and utilisation of programme data.

Mzilakatha’s combined research strength and technical expertise makes us uniquely qualified to assist a diverse range of clients.



Project Based IT Outsourcing Overview

Finding the right partner to support you with the delivery of a software development project can be a challenge. Will the partner understand my business and the requirements of the application? How do I build innovation into the process? How can I demonstrate value back to the business quickly, not next year? How do I control the costs of the project? These are all common concerns that we hear from our clients.

Mzilakatha’s Project-Based IT Outsourcing service is designed to meet your requirements and tackle these types of challenges. We will work in close partnership with you to deliver your software development project, utilizing either a waterfall or agile approach, or if required, offering a hybrid model that will combine upfront requirements capture with agile delivery.

Whichever model is most appropriate for your software development project, Mzilakatha’s Project-Based IT Outsourcing service puts you in control. We recognise the importance of frequent feedback to ensure the vision and needs of your business are being met at every stage, no matter what your objectives.

The delivery of new software applications is often time-critical, perhaps underpinning wider business objectives to grow the organisation, save costs or to increase competitiveness. At Mzilakatha, we understand the importance of meeting your deadlines. With over 100+ staff involved in project management, business analysis, software development and quality assurance, we have the capacity to increase the velocity of your project and meet those important deadlines.

If you are looking for a high quality partner who will enable you to control costs whilst building in innovation on your software development project, we would welcome the opportunity to share with you how Mzilakatha’s Project-Based IT Outsourcing service can work for you and your business.

SKILLS – Software Development


.NET C# 2.0+  .NET C# 1.1, VB.NET,  C++.NET, Java

Database Layer

MSSQL 2005+, Oracle 9+, MySQL4+, MSAS, MSIS  MSSQL 2000, Velocity , Mongo DB

Network/ Web Services/SOA

WCF 3.5+, ASMX, MSMQ  .NET Remoting, Sockets


ASP.NET Webforms 2.0+, ASP.MVC 2+, HTML 5, Silverlight 3+, JQuery, Javascript, JSON, MS AJAX, AjaxToolkit OData, VBScript, Sharepoint, PHP


Win forms, WPF, PRISM, Win services


.NET Compact Framework 2.0+, C#, Android, iOS, BlackBerry legacy, Windows Mobile 6.5

Cloud Services

Windows Azure Services

Reporting Engines

MSRS, Crystal reports, ActiveReports

Search Engines

MSSQL Full Text Search Lucene.NET, Sphinx

Application Servers

IIS 6+


SKILLS – IT Services


Datacenter infrastructure Monitoring

Software and Hardware Testing

Web Technologies: HTML, DHTML, XML, VBScript, JavaScript, web services

Database: MS Access, MS SQL server , MySQL, Postgresdb

Operating Systems: All Windows and Linux Servers

MS Office: 2000/2003/2007 and 2010

Microsoft: SQL Server; Active Directory; Security; Backups; IIS; DHCP; DNS,

Linux: Red hat and Ubuntu. Squid; Postfix; Sendmail; Samba; Firewalls; Routers, Scripting

IT Security:

Hardware: Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu

Networking: LAN; WAN and Configuring Routers, VPN, VOIP, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, DHCP / SMTP / DNS

Disaster Recovery

File Server:NAS and SAN